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Free Bulk Text to Speech Audio File | CSV| Mp3

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1. Bulk Conversion: Easily convert a large amount of text into speech audio files all at once.

2. CSV Input: Simply provide your text data in a convenient CSV file format. Each row in the CSV represents a text entry that will be transformed into an audio file.

3. File Selection: Choose your CSV file effortlessly using our intuitive file picker dialog.

4. Audio Generation: Our application harnesses the power of the Google Text-to-Speech (gTTS) library to generate high-quality audio files from your text.

5. Customized File Names: Say goodbye to generic file names! We use a relevant word from your text as the title for each audio file, ensuring meaningful and descriptive names.

6. Progress Tracking: Stay informed with our handy progress bar, which keeps you updated on the status of the audio file generation process.

7. Audio File Storage: All your generated audio files are conveniently saved in an "audio" directory within the application's main folder.

8. Information Display: After selecting your CSV file, we provide clear feedback by displaying the file name and its path, ensuring you have the right file at your fingertips.

9. Row Count Display: We make it easy for you to know the total number of text entries to be converted by displaying the row count of your selected CSV file.

10. Sample Data Preview: Curious about how your data will be formatted? Click our "Show Sample" button to get a preview of example text data in the CSV format.

11. Developer Information: Wondering who's behind this helpful tool? Our "Developer Info" button reveals the name and email of the developer, Umer Waqas (

12. User-Friendly Interface: We've designed our application with you in mind, using Tkinter, a Python GUI toolkit, to provide an interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

With these user-friendly features, our Bulk Text-to-Speech Audio File application empowers you to convert your text into speech audio files efficiently, while keeping you informed and providing a delightful user experience.

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Free Bulk Text to Speech Audio File | CSV| Mp3

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