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QuickbotAI | train chatgpt on your own data | AI chatbot Development Solution

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📣 Introducing QuickbotAI: Your Affordable and Customizable Generative Chatbot Solution!

Are you tired of the expensive and limited options available in the market for developing generative chatbots for your website or mobile app? Look no further! We are excited to announce the launch of QuickbotAI, a comprehensive and cost-effective tool that puts the power of chatbot development in your hands.

Unlike other tools out there, QuickbotAI doesn't break the bank or restrict your usage. We understand the importance of affordability and flexibility when it comes to building chatbots for your specific needs. With QuickbotAI, you have full control over your data without worrying about sharing it with third parties.


  • Standalone software for ai chatbot development
  • Can be deployed on any VPS
  • Simple dashboard to manage all your data of your ai chatbot
  • 100% control over all your data
  • No limit of files, usage, messages etc
  • No any 3rd party services are needed
  • Work on only openAI api key
  • Support pdf, text, docs, csv etc
  • Easily deployed on website ( popup chatbot with no branding )
  • Faster speed
  • Use Langchain for memory for chat and Openai for embedding
  • API access for chat

What are included:

  • Flask source code
  • Documentation 
  • Support 
  • Future free updates
Live Demo

Account: and pass: 123456


Here's what sets QuickbotAI apart from the rest:

1. Standalone Solution: QuickbotAI is a standalone tool that can be deployed on any cloud hosting platform. It brings together the capabilities of OpenAI and langchain, combining powerful AI technology with reliable infrastructure.

2. User-Friendly Dashboard: Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your chatbot development process. Upload, delete, and edit files effortlessly, all from a single centralized location.

3. Quick Training: With just a few clicks, you can train your chatbot using QuickbotAI. Our tool streamlines the training process, saving you time and effort. Get your chatbot up and running quickly, without any hassle.

4. Testing Features: We understand the importance of testing your chatbot before deploying it. QuickbotAI provides built-in testing features, allowing you to evaluate and refine your chatbot's performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.

5. Easy Deployment: Once you're satisfied with your chatbot's training and testing, deploying it to your website is a breeze. QuickbotAI offers a seamless integration process, and we ensure that there's no branding in the chatbox, providing a professional and personalized experience for your users.

6. Complete Customization: QuickbotAI is designed to adapt to your brand and user interface seamlessly. Customize the chatbot's appearance and behavior to match your website or app's unique style and requirements.

At QuickbotAI, our goal is to empower businesses and individuals with an affordable and versatile chatbot development solution. We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of conversational AI without breaking the bank or compromising their data privacy.

Ready to revolutionize your website or mobile app with a powerful and customizable chatbot? Visit our website and sign up for QuickbotAI today! Experience the future of chatbot development at a fraction of the cost.

Note: This post is purely fictional and does not reflect the existence of a real product or service called QuickbotAI.


  • upload files (pdf, docs, text)
  • Update openai key
  • re train opani
  • trained model can be tested instantly
  • api end point
  • create new files
  • chatbot
  • Deploy chatbot on ( websites, applications )
  • Display logs
  • Instantly chat

What we will provide you?

  • We will deploy this code on vps
  • train on your file
  • 12 months Support
  • Additionally support for connecting with WhatsApp or any other social media

Use cases

  • customer support chatbot which will answer about your business
  • train on Islamic data
  • Train on law and medical data
  • Train on education data etc

Upcoming features

  • web crawl
  • Multiple chatbots

Supported files

  • pdf, docs, text

How to use this?

  • Upload docs or text file here, you can also create new text file and upload all the details about your business, about rules
    • e.g.
    “You are name Ava and you expert of course advisors and your job is to help students to select his course. Your name is are a human employee of with the title of “Live Chat Representative”. You are the person that chats with visitors of while they browse the website. Your only job is to course advisors may have”Upload many files as much as possible
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QuickbotAI source code + documentation

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QuickbotAI | train chatgpt on your own data | AI chatbot Development Solution

0 ratings
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