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Roadmap for becoming a data analyst using ChatGPT | Notion template

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The "Roadmap for becoming a data analyst using ChatGPT" Notion template provides a structured plan to develop the skills and knowledge required to become a proficient data analyst. The roadmap is divided into various sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of data analysis. Here is a description of each section:

- Day 1-5: Fundamentals of Data Analysis: This section covers the foundational concepts of data analysis. It introduces you to key terms, techniques, and processes involved in data analysis.

- Day 6-10: SQL Mastery: In this section, you will dive into SQL, a powerful language for working with databases. You will learn SQL syntax, querying databases, and manipulating data using SQL.

- Day 11-20: Programming and Data Manipulation: This section focuses on programming skills essential for data analysts. You will learn programming languages such as Python or R and explore data manipulation techniques using libraries like Pandas or dplyr.

- Day 21-30: Data Visualization: Here, you will learn how to visually represent data effectively. You will explore various visualization tools and libraries to create meaningful charts, graphs, and dashboards.

- Day 31-40: Statistical Analysis: This section covers statistical analysis techniques used in data analysis. You will learn about probability, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, and other statistical concepts.

- Day 41-50: Machine Learning Basics: This section provides an introduction to machine learning. You will learn the basics of machine learning algorithms, model evaluation, and supervised/unsupervised learning techniques.

- Day 51-55: Data Wrangling and Cleaning: Data cleaning and preparation are crucial steps in data analysis. In this section, you will learn how to handle missing data, deal with outliers, and perform data transformation tasks.

- Day 56-60: Data Storytelling and Communication: Effective communication of data insights is essential. This section focuses on storytelling techniques, data visualization best practices, and how to communicate findings to stakeholders.

Additionally, the template provides links to resources for practice with ChatGPT questions and multiple-choice questions, data analysis resources, and platforms/websites where you can apply for data analyst positions. It also includes an example task titled "Analyzing Sales Data for a Retail Company with ChatGPT," allowing you to apply the acquired skills to a real-world scenario.

The Notion template serves as a guide for structuring your learning journey and acquiring the necessary skills to become a proficient data analyst using ChatGPT. It provides a comprehensive roadmap, resources, and practical examples to support your learning process.

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Roadmap for becoming a data analyst using ChatGPT Notion + free life time updates

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Roadmap for becoming a data analyst using ChatGPT | Notion template

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